Evening in Amsterdam.

Guest post by Marco

It’s a nice clear evening in Amsterdam south East when around 50.000 people found their way to the “Arena”
The Arena is the stadion where the football-team Ajax will play tonight. It is the return game against Marseille.
Ajax lost the game in France with 2-1, so tonight they have to win, to continue this competition. This competition is about the UEFA-Cup (an european competition). The coach of Ajax is Marco van Basten. Marco van Basten was the best player we ever had. He started his footballcareer in Ajax, and was also a star-player in the Italien primera-
devision. The coach of Marseille has also his roots in Holland. He played in the dutch competition in PSV. After his footbalcareer he did the same as Marco van Basten and became coach. So this confrontation brings-up alot of memories.
Anyway it’s time to tell you about the game. Ajax started strong, and opened the score in the 33e minute by Enoh. (enoh is a player from Kameroen) so 1-0 But one minute later Marseille made it 1-1 by a goal from the feet of Niang.
In the second half Sulemani made the 2-1 and all seems to be opeb again. So because of the draw after 90 minutes They played extra time (30 minutes)  And at the end of this Marseille scored by Mears 2-2. And that means that Ajax is out of competition. Even when the result isn’t what we hoped, it was a woderful evening. “Next year better “.

Ajax vs Marseille


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