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Hello, my name is Olivier Berendinus Bommel.
I’m a man of standing who doesn’t have to worry about money.
I live in my castle “Bommelstein”.
Altough very aware of my class, not uncongenial.
I drive a modest car (named it “the old schicht”).
I dress myself in a simple cheqhered coat.
I devoleped the inimitable talent to bring myself in trouble,
and blame others for that.
My feeling about wat is resonable, is sober.
I’m also impusive, and stutter when i’m scared or nervouse.
I’m generous and alway willing to to get my purse.
Often remind of what my father used to say and that’s the way i live.
I was singel almost all my live, at least i married with my neigbour (Miss Doddel).
For as far i understand was that the end of all the adventures in my life.

Next time i will introduce to you my smart friend “Tom Poes”.

Asa cum am scris in primul post cu privire la desenele animate olandeze, odata cu fiecare prezentare exista si cate un episod din The Dragon That Wasn’t (Or Was He?).
Astazi partea a III-a in care il vom cunoaste pe micul dragon.
Enjoy! 🙂

Who’s Olivier Berendinus Bommel?


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