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After winter most of the grass is damaged by frost and the remains of dead plants.

So in march you must start with cleaning, and if possible ( must be dry) to mow it (short).
Places with less sun (shadow) or wet places need extra attention cz. these are good places for developing mosses.
In my garden i start with cleaning and mowing two weeks ago, last weekend i removed the mosses and put a little Calcium on these places. The Calcium will kill the remains of the mosses and will give grass a chance to fill in.
It’s also necessary to fertilize the whole lawn, i prefere to make a mix of seeds, nitrogen and black soil to make it more easy to convert. First i put some extra seeds at the damaged places.

Anyway, in two / three weeks the lawn will be nice and green, and is ready to mow. It’s important not to mow too short. If you mow too short the mosses will have a new chance to grow.
Anyway, at the end of april my lawn will be great. I will show you later with ather pics, so you can compair them with the actual pics.

How to get a nice green lawn after winter


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