Guest post by Marco

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sooooooo deep, that must be heaven, but now it feels like hell.
I lost the direction over my own mind (anyway that’s what i feel the last days).
So, what to do about it. Tried to think clear, -for as far i can, after two bad nights without enough sleep-.
Action versus reaction, so i try to be reasonable, somewhere something must have gone wrong.
Thinking of that it begins again, that feeling of loosing controll. And i hate that feeling.
Because i’m a strong person (others says that i am) so than it must be truth.
After caffé number 1000 , i had a clear moment. And tried to think about what is the reason and than the madness of life took me again, and i almost felt asleep.
I talked about it with my best friend too, and she understood. So that’s the key: talking / communication and………make desicions to protect yourself against bad thoughts, and open issues who take care of your mind. So i thought i found the missing link, and started a new day with the intention not listen to stupid remarks or situations, and to ignore them. And certainly not making it my problem. Even when i look and handle like a zombi now, i think clear and feel competent to order all what’s keeps my mind busy. Next step will be to solve the problems that brought me so far, anyway no longer ignore them, cz that makes me crazy.
Maybe i have to stop things that only gives me bad thoughts and troubles.

Wish i was in Dreamland now


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