Guest post by Marco

Here is already 10.30 Will start in the garden.
But first i will open iYli, to see what’s new.
I will cut flowers to arange them in a little bouquet with fresh green from the garden. There is a lot of choise now.


Later edit.

Eco bouquets r correct.
But r also bouquets for memories and respect.

I went trough the garden and cut some flowers and green to make a few bouquets. Put it all on the table in the garden, and start thinking to arrange them.

Took some glasses with water to put them in and some to bind them together.

The first one is ready, and looks nice. Typical spring bouquet.

And that makes two, see wich is nicer.

And that makes three. Made my choise nr.1 and 3 I will take with me
and nr.2 I will put in the house on my desk.

Eco bouquets


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