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Easter in Holland is based on a different calendar (christian) and because ot that we have another date here as in Romania (orthodox).

In Holland all is based on the first full moon after the start of spring.

Easter is always the first sunday after the first full moon after the start of spring.

Carnaval, Whitesun and Ascensionday are also related.

Carnaval is 7 weeks before Easter.

Whitesun is 7 weeks after Easter.

Ascensionday is 10 days before Whitesun.


The meaning of Easter is the same, we are all christian.


What counts is the personal experiënce ( the religiouse ).


I have to admit that when i was young the religiouse experiënce was deeper because it was also tradition to go to church with my family.


Beside of that it was also a kind of familyfeast, all was cleaned or renewd in the last weeks and we all had new clothes.

I also remember the breackfast table, with coloured egs and litle pluche yellow-chickens on the plates.

We read from childrens-bible, and  my mother played the piano.


Remembering these moments, i think of how nice it would be to have a family myself and to continue these traditions. 



The Meaning of Easter


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