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Today i visit an old and historical village , named Roermond.
Roermond is a small village in the south of Holland in the province of Limburg.
Roermond has an old and famous centre.
The centre is dominated by the very old “Munster Church”

It’s one of the best preserved remains from the Roman-buildingart we have in Holland.
The church was built in 1220.
Roermond is also the village of the famous dutch architect “Pierre Cuypers” 1827-1921.
In Roermond he designed a beautiful Kiosk just opposit the church.

The kiost was designed as a central point in the village for public use, like concerts.
Kiosk is from turkeys kiuska, and means pavilion.
In almost all villages in Holland you will find these kind of pavilions, and they still are in use.

Roermond is also the village for great shopping, with nice and narrow streets
big squars, restaurants, boutiques and terrasses.
So after my shopping i drunk a nice cappucino on a sunny terrasse and after that drove home, with nice memories.

Roermond- Holland


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3 thoughts on “Roermond- Holland

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  • 18/09/2009 at 10:18 PM

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am from Roermond and loved to see your pictures. Can I point out two major errors in your report ?

    1) Roermond is not a village, it has about 40.00 inhabitants and a Cathedral, and fuly deserves to be called a City.
    2) Roermond is in the province of Limburg (Dutch Limburg) which is part of the Netherlands. There are two provinces of the Netherlands called Holland : North Holland and South Holland, and Roermond is not part of either !

    So Roermond is not a village in Holland, but a city in the Netherlands.


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