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When you want to have a gorgiouse body like me, and when you want to keep it that way, you must do some, but leave alot.
One of the things i do is to eat good, healthy and yammi.

So tonight i made a dinner salad; a salad with thon i eat it with Ciabatta (italiën bread) and ofcourse a good glass of red wine.

So, if you want to make it too ? And want to be slim like me ?
Here i will give you a few lines what you need and how to make it.
It’s soooooooooo simple!
Btw, slim in dutch meand smart (hahahahahaha).

Anyway, you must start to wash and dry a mixture of salad.
Attention: Never use a knife to cut the salat!!

You also need a mixture of paprika, black-olives, cumcumbre and dryed tomatoes.
For a better taste you also need garlic, red-onion, chili, tomatoes and an apple. And not to forget the Thon (from a tin).

The dressing i make from Pesto-geneve a little yoggurt and olive-oil.
You mix all these with the greensalad and than …………..mmmmmmm.
To finish it, you need pepper (black) from an eletric pepper-mill. (wink)

Tonight i eat it at the terrasse in the evening-sun with the ciabatta and a good glass of wine.
I opened a bottle Fitou 2001 So all together was great.

So if you want to be “slim” too, you must be as slim as i am.

Bon appetite!

Varianta in romana aici.

I'M SLIM hahahahahah!


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