Guest post by Marco

Yes, Yes, i’m back.
Was involved in some dangerous adventures with some of my friends and that’s why i couldn’t continue with the introduction.
Anyway, now i’m back, i like to introduce Wammes-Waggel.

Wammes-Waggel is a stupid Goose, and that sais already enought.
Lives a cheerful life and act like a walking amusement-parc. Hihihihih.
Cheerful is in his case euphemism, a word he undoubtedly dont understand.
The same counts for naive.
He’s friendly for everyone, and always busy with ideas to make business.
But never gives profit, cz. he only make stupid busines, like: selling icecream in winter, or selling hot soup in the dessert.
Anyway, when he noticed that it was a wrong idea he can easy cry.
But never for a long time, Because he still think live is a feast.


Next time i will tell you about Bulle Bas.
Bulle Bas isn’t realy my friend (He’s chief of the police)

Mister OLIVIER B. BOMMEL is back


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