Guest post by Marco

As promised, the introduction of Bulle Bas, chief of Police in my village “Bommelstein”.

He is a real dutyful martinet, and it looks like he only lives to put thieves and villains behind bars.
The problem with him is that he not always follws the right procedures and the right priorities.
He thinks that suspicion isn’t a prove.

I am a little more impulsive and like to follow my intiution.
That doesn’t make me friends with Bulle Bas.
Bulle Bas has a very low and loud voice, is quick tempered, and talks alot in himself.
He has also an important assistent, “sergeant Snuf”
Anyway, i can’t miss him in most of my adventures.
The next persons i will introduce are Bul-Super and Hiep-Hieper.

Till next time!

Bulle Bas.

MeBulle Bas


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