Guest post by Marco

Today, the second sunday in may, we celebrete “Mothersday” in Holland.
Mothersday will be celebrate in the USA and also in some european countries.
Lots of others countries also celebrate, but not at the same day.

All over the world mothers were honoured for thousands of years.
The name “Mother” was given to many things we love and respect.
Like: Mother Nature, Mother Earth and in the middle centuries we even had Mothers Sunday.

Anyway, the way we have Mothersday now, was invented by Anna Jarvis from Virginia (USA).
She was part of a big family and 7 of her sisters died.
After that loss, her mother started to help others to forget her own loss.
When she died (in 1906) Anna Jarvis decided, to organize some, to honour all mothers over the world. And in coörperation with the church, they start “Mothersday” every year at the second sunday of may (first in 1907).

So that why we celebrate it here too (since 1930).
Here children buy presents and try to make it an easy day for their mother.


The history of Mothersday


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