Chicken on a Bottle

Guest post by Marco

When i herd form my friend about the way she prepared chicken on a bottle in the oven, i was under the table!
Anyway she send me a pic, and explained me how to make it.
So finally i tried, hahahahahahaha!


First i bought a fresh chicken and put salt, pepper and herbs on it also put some herbs inside.
Than i looked for a bottle ??? Ahh, found a nice and slim one in the cellar I t was still full of Pinot-griss, but, that wasn’t a problem (hik) anyway when the bottle was empty i filled it with water and put the chicken (with her legs down) on the bottle.

chicken 1

Hahahahaha. (hik) looked so stupid, just like the bottle gots legs.
So ready to put it on a deep plate in the oven.
Ah Ah Ah Ah (hik) problems!!!
It was to high, and doesn’t fit in the oven.
Had to start again, needed another bottle a lower one.
So (hik) went in the cellar again and…….found a smaller one, also full of wine (Merlot).
So,…….did a good job again and placed the poor chicken again on that bottle, let it in the oven for about one hour.

And i must say, that it looks good and tasted good (not Fat).

Eat it with salad (hik hik) and a nice glas Merlot.

Eet smakelijk, en Proost.


By iYli on 30/05/2009 · Posted in Food& Wine

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Ashey Periwinkle Winkins says:

u got my little poof brother’s name and its really funny the chicken on a bottlething and i couldnt stop laughing i was hysterical

Posted on Iulie 13th, 2009

diana says:

uai, tu l-ai puz pe strainez sa gateasca pui violat? Si i-a iesit asa? sunt nedemna de neamu’ meu!

Posted on Mai 28th, 2010

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