Guest post by Marco

Today was again a warm and sunny day,
Had a job to do in Moerdijk (a big industrial area).
Finished earlier than expected, so a colleaque proposed to go for a quick lunch in Willemstad.
Willemstad is a small historical village ( a fortified city) located at the corner of two important waterways (Haringvliet and Hollandsdiep).
There is a lot to tell about and a lot to see, but today was there just for a lunch.
From the terrasse at the small harbour had a nice view.

made by iYli

made by iYli (1)

After we finished our ommelet and a cappucino, my colleauqe went home.
Anyway, the water and the sun made me desire sea and sand.
And i decided without thinking to drive to Hoek van Holland.
If you like to know about Hoek van Holland (the port to Rotterdam) you must look for my article about it.

willemstad terras.

Willemstad, wonderful place for a lunch


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