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Caesar salad is a salad that you can eat as dinner or lunch.
I like it most with fresh baked bread and a dry white wine.

It’s still a mistery about the origin of the recipe name.
People often assume that the classic combination of romaine lettuce and dressing dates back to the time of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.
In fact, its origins are much more recent, alltough the exact circumstances defy documantation. In one version it was invented in 1924 by Caesar Cardini.
If true, the Tijuana restaurateur must have been amazed by the confusion he unleashed when he chose to bestow his own name on his culinary masterpiece.

Another view holds that Caesar Salad was created in 1906 in the USA and named in honor of the Romans. This makes sence when you consider that the Romans held romaine lettuce in high esteem, believing it had health-giving properties.
In fact, it is rumored that Emperor Caesar Augustus erected a status in honor of the leafy green-vegetable.

Caesar Salad History


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