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What you need to make a lovely Caesar-Salad:
– romaine salad
– old bread
– oliveoil
– salt
– pepper
– garlic (4 parts)
– ansjovis (tin in oil)
– mustard (1 spoon)
– lemmon juice (3 spoons)
– worcestershire souce (one thea-spoon)
– egg (1)
– parmezaan cheese

How to make a perfect Caesar Salad:
You can go to the supermarket and buy croutons and dressing but,………….. that’s not how it works in my Kitchen.
So that means we make our own croutons and dressing.
B.t.w, that’s all, and all together you will be ready in 20 minutes so, let’s start !!!

We will start with the croutons, Press two parts of garlic and put it with the oliveoil in a small bowl, cut the bread in
small blocks and put them in the bowl till they are drenched with the oil and garlic. Then put them on a plate in the oven for about 10 minutes (180 C,) till they coloured gold.

Put the washed and dried salad in a big bowl, and when the croutons are in the oven we can make the dressing.

Press the other two parts of garlic in a bowl, take 3 ansjovis filets from the tin and cut them in small pieces, and put them in the bowl with the garlic, also put the lemmon juice, mustard and worshestersouce in it and as last, the egg.
Now you must handle fast, and mix all together and also a little salt pepper and oliveoil (bit by bit) but, don’t stop mixing (i use two forks for it).

When it’s done the croutons will be ready too, and you can start to finish.

First the romain salad than the croutons, the dressing and the parmasaan (grated) and finish it with the rest of the ansjovis.

PS, if you don’t like ansjovis, you can use grilled chicken.

Enjoy your meal!

Some history about the Caesar salad here.

Caesar Salad

How to make a perfect Caesar Salad


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