Guest post by Marco

The ladies bag, a real phenomenon.
An extension of the ladies private world.
A world that’s normaly closed for us (as man).
Anyway, it’s realy surprising what they keep in it.
I can understand that when you have a big bag, it’s tempting to put a lott of stuff in it.
Searching for an explication i found an alphabetic list of things, and what it says about the person.
I will give you a few examples, and maybe you can identify yourself in that.
So turn-over your bag, and surprise yourself.
If you find things that are not on my list, let me know and i will tell you the meaning of it.

– Agenda- time-planning.
– Book- mentalfeed
– Postcard- romantic
– Condom- adventurous mind
– Deo- modesty
– Elastic- collecting tendency
– Photo- emotional
– Clock- stress
– Make-up presentation
– umbrella- fear
– Pen creating / expression
– Calculator- need to controll
– Keys- made choises
– Mirror- selfcheck
– Telephone- communication
– Robe- looking forward
– Tissue- sensitivity
– Sunglasses- observation problems

tasje 1

tasje 4

The Ladies bag- Secret sau nu?


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