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The Red Light District is wellknowen in the whole world.
The Red Light Districc leaves nothing to the imagination.
So it is very likely that you will have heard of this area and to be honest, everything you will have heard is probably true.
But if you rewaly want to know it for sure, you have to check it out yourself.
The “rossebuurt” (as called by the locals) is unlike any other place.
For sure everyone knows it about the one where woman of all
nationalities parade their wares in red-fringed window parlours, many ready to offer more than a school boy peep-show in a private cabin.
Another familiar image is of packs of man, young and old, couples holding hands and pointing in shockcof it all.
Giggling groups of woman celebrating a hen night, and busloads full
of Japanese tourists with camera’s. But take good care, no pics of the female entertainers (strickly banned!).

I think that just a few noticed that the “rossebuurt” (dutch for pink / red)
is in fact one of the oldest and most beautyful parts of the city,
wich its long winding narrow streets and charming 14e century architecture.
Such as the gothic “Oudekerk” (old church)

Amsterdam prides itself, and rightly so, on its liberal and tolerant attitude,
embracing the fact that people may be in prostitution, soft drugs and
porno, and this is only human.
So, instead of criminalyzing everything, this very upfront city wears its
heart on its sleeve, what you see is generally what you get.
Enjoy the honestyof it all, as you won’t find it anywhere else.

Prostitution is legal in Holland, and in Amsterdam most is concentrated at the Red Light District, where it has enjoyed a long radition of tolerance.
In fact there are Three Red Light Districts.
The main one is at “de walletjes” (between Centralstation and the new market).
The others are “de singel”(between Centralstation and Raadhuisstraat)
and “de pijp” (behind the Rijksmuseum).

Anyway, there is so much more to tell about that part of Amsterdam,
Did you know that there is also a condom-shop (even with handmade ones)
And there is also a small condom museum.
And not to forget “Moulin-Rouge” and The “Banana Bar” (yes what you think now is true) hahahaha.

Banana Bar, Window in Red Light District, Moulin-Rouge

de pijp, singel, Rijksmuseum

AMSTERDAM – Red Light District


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