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I am a regular girl. I have passions, i have dreamas going on, i have my little crushes and a year ago i was deeply in love.
I have quite few things next to my heart: i love rollerblading.
I am mad on animals and i think penguins are the cutest animals ever! I adore Brad Pitt since i was 10 years old. I feed duckies and swans at least twice a week. I truly belive in Santa Clause and rainbows fascinates me. I find straight dark hair the best feature of opposite sex and also nice voices.
I love intresting bags and i read Cosmopolitan every month. One of my favorite things to do is falling asleep while listening to the rain. I also love pepsi with lemon and i adore being on a airport, so in a airplane.
I like people that speaks up their minds and I’m ok with what comes and goes in my life…if someone or something didnt do my future, sure thing is a reason for that. I do have an imaginary friend and i am ok with that.
Things that i am not so keen on…:wrinkles, people that uses ‘hehe’phrase, arrogance and ignorance, clowns, ballons ,worms,ghosts and aliens.
Way far from being flawless but wouldnt change for the World!

Who am I?


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One thought on “Who am I?

  • 19/06/2009 at 7:33 AM

    By reading these words I realize how many simple things I’ve forgotten about myself. I guess we all fall in love one a week, but truly, once in a life time. Keep on a good seem a good one;)


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