Guest post by Marco

Sundaymorning at the campsite where i stayed with my friends for three days. Like we do for years.
The campsite is near Giethoorn.
In Holland Giethoorn and the surrounding is called “Little Venice”
When you look at the pics, you will understand.
The area is speciall for the reed, that we use traditional as covering for roofs. So in these area most of the houses have reed covered roofs.
Anyway, back to sundaymorning, i took a hot shower at the very nice sanitair building on the campsite and made a caffé in the small caravan where i also slept.
Also made a sandwich, checked mi bike, and than i went for a little tour ( from Giethoorn via Bet Schutsloot to Zwartsluis and back to Giethoorn.
I was lucky, because the weather was exellent, sunny warm, and just a little wind.
Most of the time i followed the small path along the small waterways. My eyes were to short to see and remember all the great views.
So, it’s good that i made a few pics from time to time.
Halveway, in Belt Schutsloot i stopped at a nice terrasse with a view at The Belterweide (a lake) and had a Caffé.
That restaurant called “De Waterlelie”,a nice flower that grows on the water. I made also a pic of Waterlelies.
Anyway, i hope that when you look at the pics you will imagine how i enjoyed this tour.


The caravan

pinksteren 01

One of the many small bridges over the waterways.

pinksteren 02

Waterway with the typical reed covered roofs.

pinksteren 03

Look what a beautiful “dutch”sky.

pinksteren 04

A big lake near the campsite.

pinkstern 05

A part of the campsite (The cow isn’t real).

pinksteren 06 (san.gebouw)

The sanitair building on the campsite.

pinksteren 07 (san.gebouw)

Inside of the building.

pinksteren 08

De “Belterweide” (enought wind for sailing).

pinksteren 09

A small waterway near Giethoorn. on the left you see the small path for the bike.

pinksteren 10

Waterlelies in the lake

Sightseeing on the bike at Whitsun


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