Guest post by Marco

It is almost the end of june, and all in my garden is growing and growing.
Everyday i see new colours appear, and the branches of the fruittrees almost get down of the load.
So you see, here in Holland it’s ok with nature.
Of course it also gives a lott of work, to keep all in good shape, but for me that’s no trouble, cz. i work with pleasure and respect.
Last weekend i started with cutting big branches out of an old tree, to let the sun come through and the grass will be nice.
So you see, many times i have to make compromises to keep the ballance. This time of year i often sit on the terasse for dinner or just for a drink, to read the paper or a glass of wine and a good sigar in the evening. In two weeks i will send you some new pics with new flowers and new colours.

Till than.

Aliënplace gets smaller and smaller

Yellow flowers gets higher and higher.

These beauties, i discovered in the shadow

Geraniums in pots.


Will be open in a few weeks (white flowers)

Will be open in a few weeks (pink flowers)


Roses in a pot.

Lavendel all over (great smell)

Sooooooo nice!!!

Lelies will be open next week.

Flowers, flowers and…………flowers


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