Guest post by Marco

Somewhere, between the cities of Breda and Roosendaal, lies a little village called “Oudenbosch”.
But, from a distance you aware that, there is something special.
The village is dominted by the silouette of a very big and speciall building.
This building (church) is The Baseliek. And this Baseliek is wellknowen by many people from all over the world. It is so speciall because it is built as a small St. Pieter from Rome.
The baseliek is designed by Holland’s famous architect in that periode (Cuypers) i told you about him and the city Roermond where he was born. He also designed the Rijksmuseum and Centrall-Sation in Amsterdam.
Anyway this baseliek was an enormous building for that time in such a simple village.
They start to build in 1865 and it took more than 12 years to finish it.
Anyway, i visit it (only the outside) on a sunny afternoon and made some pics so i can share it with you.

Rome in Holland


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