Guest post by Marco

I realise that this is not the right time to write about, but,……… i do.
In autumn and winter i like very much to have the fire-place on in the livingroom.
So most of the wood from garden > 50mm.
I cut in useful pieces and keep it to dry in the garage.
I still have a lott to cut in pieces cz. i saw alot of branches to let the sun in.

Most of the wood is from white-wood, but i have also a lott wood from the fruittrees and specially the wood from the poire trees i like most, it doesn’t burn but just glow and gives heat and a great smell.
Of course i like the summer, the terasse etc.
But also looking forward to the dark evenings snow outside, the fire burning and me with a glass of wine close to the fire.

Pfffffffffffffffff, looks like i’m getting old.
So, if you wait 4-5 month i will tell you more.

Wood for Fireplace


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