Guest post by Marco

When we are at the RLD in Amsterdam we must visit the Banana bar.
It’s accommodated in an old hystorical house in the middle of the RLD.
So, you can’t miss it.
The doorman will try to get you in with beautiful stories and promises.
Anyway, when you pay €.45 you can stay for one hour. (time enought to see the whole programm).
You can drink free and of course you can eat bananas. .
And when you want more, you pay some extra to have a more persnal erotic show by one of the topless girls.
They spray with cream on every place you want and you can eat it from there. Dildo’s are flying, and as dessert you can eat bananas (not out of their hands) but from places than never see daylight (hahahaha).
Anway the place you must have seen when you are at the RLD.

Bon apetite. 😉


Mmm. BANANAS (from RLD)


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  • 02/06/2010 la 4:21 AM
    Legătură permanentă

    Holy Guacamole Jules…imaginatia mea a luat-o razna…si asa priveam bananele mai differit decat celelalte fructe…Deci bananele ar trebui sa fie mai putin coapte in order to….Kick me out of here..Nuta OUT!


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