Guest post by Marco

I’m just as a quest writer on iYli’s blog, i’m not sure if this is the right way
to communicate or discuss. But,………..
Last weeks i read alot about blogging in general, and about Romanian in particular.
So i developped a meaning about the purpose of having a blog, and i must say that i begone to like the idea to have a blog of my own.
I also realised that if you do, and you will do it right, it will cost alot of time and effort to make it a success.
So in spite of the problems i have with understanding and translating the Romanian language, i’m so much interested about why and how, that i accept, and promise to study, to make myself more understandable.
The biggest barrier is the language. There are so many ways (in every language) to express yourself, to understand (or not understand) is just one word or one point, and ofcourse in the context of the whole discussion.
Reading articles i dicovered a red line of common interest, i mean in fact most is about Moral, Culture and Respect.
As i mentioned besides te problem of language, it’s also a problem to understand some, because i grow-up in a different culture.
And to be honest, i think we will never understand all. Is not judging!
Is just a fact from upbringing and education (based on our culture).
Also moral issues will be explained in different ways.
A good thing for example is: the internet and from that the more easy way to communicate and learn to accept and understand about eachothers background, the way of living etc. – but we will never learn to think in an other language – Anyway what i would like to achieve, is a discussion to hear what is your opinion.
So finaly for me there are two important questions;
These two questions are based on what i learned from my fathter, He learned me
“You are what others think of you”.
So, what is more important – Who you are ? or What you are ?

You are what others think of you !?


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