Ieri, prietenul meu, blogerul olandez, Marco, care scrie si pe iYli, v-a adresat cateva intrebari.
Desi articolul a fost citit in trei ore de peste 100 de oameni niciunul nu a dat vreun raspuns.
Asta imi ridica o lista de de intrebari.
Sa-ti fie frica de un raspuns real? Nu te cunosti? Nu stii cine esti sau de ce faci anumite lucruri in online sau in offline?
Totul este o scena si te ascunzi in spatele unui calculator avand o imagine falsa, superficiala asupra a tot ce te inconjoara? Asupra propriei persoane?
Astazi, Marco revine!

Come On Romania!
And give me your opinion:

Tell me what is more important:

1. Who you are?

2. What you are?

And give me your motivation !

Btw, do you accept, that you are what others think of you ?

Come On Romania!


3 thoughts on “Come On Romania!

  • 17/07/2009 at 10:54 AM

    In romania is more important Who you are ? Ex. : your father is a big boss of a company that work with the state or you know some big “fish” in the market where you work.

    What you are ? have a small influence.

    For me is important what I am because i can’t be a poser. I work in some jobs and I quit because they put on the first place your connection in company and after that your skills.

    Don’t try to understand romanian it’s a hard job even for Superman.

  • 17/07/2009 at 11:32 AM

    Ok, Fanel, Thanks for your comment.
    I understand that for you its more important WHAT you are.
    But,…dont you think that what you are is based on Who you are ?
    (whatever from where you come)
    And do you believe that you are what others think of you ?
    (is it important for you how others think of you ?).
    I’m no superman, but to understand people from other culture i need, to understand myslf, to make up my mind about life in general.

    btw. (the first word i learned to speack was “why”) hahaha.


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