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Scheveningen is located at the westside of Den-Haag directly at the Northsea.

sch.1 On the motorway (when i left it was cloudy, but the more i came west, the sky opened)

sch. 2

From the motorway, the entrance to the city of DenHaag.

sch. 4

The entrance from DenHaag to the centre of Scheveningen ( the first you see is the impressing “Kurhaus” is now a very luxe hotel and casino) behind it is the boulevard.

Scheveningen is the most famouse beach place we have.
With a boulevard, shops, terrasses, theatre, beachclubs and not to forget a great sandbeach.
Today i had some buisiness in Den-Haag, and because of the great warm and sunny weather i decided to pay a quick visit at the beach.

sch. 5


Was a big problem to find a place to park the car, but finaly i found one.
The holyday season started already, so it was full of people from all over. No wind and a blue-sky. so what more to wish.
I had to walk from the harbour part to the centre of the boulevard where all the beach-clubs are lacated.
Pfffffffffff hot, hot, hot, so my first stop was at a kiosk where they sell icecream. mmmm. that’s better.
So i walked on the boulevard, looking at peolple in summer outfit and the most controversial colours you can imagine.

sch. 8

sch. 7

At the end of the boulevard (after 4 / 5 km) i walked back along the waterline in the sand.
You realy needed some at your feet. cz. the sand was burning hot.


The sun, the sea and the walk made me feel hungry too so i walked along the clubs from the seaside and found a great looking place.


When i sit there, and looked around, i had the idea to be at a meditarrian beach.
Anyway, it was nice but much too short.

Scheveningen Beach


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