Guest post by Marco

Hey, Olivier Berendinus Bommel is here again!
Sorry fellows, but i was involved in a big adventure the last two month and had no occasion to go on with the introduction.
Anyway, today i will introduce you The Villians from Bommelstein.

Bul Super and Hiep Hieper are the Villians from Bommelstein unsrupulous , rough “businessmen”

Bul Super the cigar smoker is the grumble quick tempered boss.
Hiep Hieper is the cigarette smoking nervouse and scary helper of Bul Super, who often gave him bad words.
Together they are frauds and artforgers.


Hieper regrets that he doesn’t stay honest after all, but it’s to late now for him.
Their device is “business is business” no matter how or what.
In spite of all, they never been in yale for a long time.

The hext time i will introduce you to our mayor “Dickerdack”.
And after inroducing a few other important persons, we can start our first adventure together.

Bul Super and Hiep Hieper


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