Guest post by Marco

Walking along the seaside and the fresh smell of the sea made me ungry and thirsty.
So walking in the sand i rearched for a nice and cosy club with a terrasse. Wasn’t difficult to find, cz. all looks great.


Anyway i found a free table with a clear view at the beach and sea.
Firts i ordered a cold whitebeer with lemmon. served by good looking woman in beachclothes.


Sitting there it was almost if i was at the beach in France or Spain.
The problem in Holland is always the weather, but today is perfect.
Anyway, nipping at my ber my nose discovered the smell of a bbq.
And i found out that they were making saté on it. And in spite of the big sandwich i had the night before, i felt appetite and couldn’t resist, and ordered a saté with bread and peanutsouce.


After a relaxed lunch i continued and walked along the boulevard to my car. Pffffffff. so hot in it, and no airco. So openend both of the windows and drove back home easy. Made a stop at the gasstation for water and an icecream.
Driving east it was getting more cloudy, but hot hot hot.
Coming home i took a fresh shower to wash all the sand of me and started to work at the caravan. Later that evening had a drink and smoke at the terrasse in the garden till midnight.

Beach food


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