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Smoking cigars is much different from smoking cigarettes.
In the first place people who smoke cigars don’t smoke cigarettes.
Smoking cigarettes is some you do during work or even while you’r walking etc.
Smoking cigars is a more relaxing event.
You need to be relaxed to enjoy it. Here in Holland is a big culture of smoking and fabricating cigras.
In contrast with cigarette smokers, cigarsmokers don’t inhale, (you don’t taste with your longs).
So an important thing is the smell.
There is a big choise in size and model and the filling. Here we smoke most “short-filers” (little pieces as filler) that smokes easy. ” Medium” and “longfillers”come most from the Dominican republic and Cuba These cigars are famous and expensive.


Boxes with cigars from Balmoral

iYli (1)

Boxes with cigars from Hajenius

I tried them a few times, and i must say that they taste and smell great. Writing this i remember a story from my grandmother (the mother of my father). She collectes all the remains of the cigars my granddad smoked when he was home.
He was a sailor and away from home for many many month.
Anyway when she heat the stove for cooking she placed some of the remains on a plate at the stove, just to have the smile of her husband in the house (hahaha)
As child i collected the cigar-bands.

When my father smoked a cigar, he gave me the band.
Where the bands has remained ?
Where my father has remained ?
I smoke a cigar, i throw away the band.

Smoking Cigars


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