Guest post by Marco

It would be a headline in the media.
Here (in Holland) we even have a political party, who defends the rights of animals.
But….isn’t it just our own interest ?
That we only do something about it when we think it’s pathetic ?
Where is the border ?

Why we can easy kill a musquito, and not a dog ?
Has a musquito no sense ? Big chance it has, only they can’t show us !
Wether it is pathetic to kill an animal, dependes of the degree of cuteness.

But, won’t that not just selfinterest ?
Why, (for example) we give hundreds of euro’s to create a dog asylum, and kill 3 musquito’s in the same day ?

With mice is dfferent, just on the line.
Some have them as a pet, and others put mouse-traps.
It’s not the point how pathetic we think of a dog, but, it’s the way how close we are with that dog.

Dayly, thousends of anymals die in nature, that’s nature.
But, in case of our pets we do all to safe them.
That’s logic, because you feel close, but, stil it is our own interest.

Where is the border ? We realy will never found out.
We can’t.
But still something important to think-over.

Dog Beaten to Death


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