Bunauwww ziuauwwww,

Sssssssssssssssssst, don’t tell him that i wrote you.
I planned earlier but i forgot the password, but foundout a trick and now i have it. Hihiauwww.
I discovered that he’s talking in his sleep (heared it cz. the window was open) and also discovered that sometimes you can ask him a question, and he answers while he’s sleeping, and…………he don’t remember it, so that gives great opportunities. Hihihauw. btw. he is a little sad last weeks and i’m trying to find out why.
Anyway, will wait till i can ask him (hihi, if you know what i mean) so if you have questions, maybe i can find out.
Last friday he made me creazy with his new stupid, little, ugly green friend. Told me to be friends with him too, hahahahaha
He’s soooo naive. But after he told me that green “thing” is also a friend of you, i promised him to give it a second thought.
I herd you are on holiday at the sea in Vama Veche, hahaha must be big fun.

Vama Veche

I think Marco is a little jealouse not to be there and when i ask him, he says nevermind, if all goes well we go out too the next weekend to the Ardennes to try-out how it goes with the caravan in the hills .( said that so many times) I’m not sure if i like, i think i rather will stay in the Cat’s-Hotel. (so many friends there) hihihauww. and i have my needs too. ahhhh is already noon here, and he can be back any minute.
So i run back to my basket, and pretent that i’m still sleeping ( miauw i’m mean but cute, and he’s naive hiiiiauw)
Have fun there,
Bye, bye!

Love, Gijs.


Love from yr friend


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