Some says:
The night is to sleep
The night is to work
The night is for love
The night is for music
The night is for dreaming

Nevermind what you do, but we all agree that the night has something special, and gives us that mysteriouse feeling.

Is it the darkness that suddenly makes our world into a narrow place ?
Is it the sound of silence ?
The cracking of an old wooden floor ?
The barking of a far away dog ?
The thoughts of an episode from a book ?
Who knows ?

Anyway, most of us know the feeling of feeling uncomfortable when it’s night and we are alone, specially when we are not in our familiar surroundings.
It’s strange, but as soon as there is someone with you, that feeling is gone.
Cz. you think you have to take care of the other and v.v .

But most important is the power, the power that we get from the night.
The power to face a new day. It’s mentaly spoken our victory on the night.
That gives us the power and energy we need.
So, we need the night !!

Guest post by Marco

kenny g – end of the night
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica

Power of the night‏


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