Ringggggggggggggggg, pffffffff 07.00, have to wake-up, work is calling.
But,………how to start up without caffé ?

Guest post by Marco

So, for me and many others caffé is the drug we need to start up.
Anyway, this morning was strange, i woke up in my caravan ( hahahaha not at seven!) even not thinking of work, but still needed caffé.
Ai.ai.ai, i was in big trouble because no senceo or any other machine with just a simple button to press to start up processing the black gold.
So, i had no other choice than making it myself on the oldfashioned way.
First thing that came up in my mind was time, but why ?
Noone waiting me, i have all day.
I was glad that i filled the watertank last night and fixed a gastank.
So i took the whistling kettle to boil the water, and while was cooking i took a caffé can and a filter. put some caffé in it and waited the whistle of the kettle.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh was long ago that i heard that sound, remembered me at home in my childhood.
After that i put the boiled water i small parts over the caffé.
Ahhh a great smell came up, and……i think that i smiled.
I did it, so in less than 15 minutes i had a real oldfashioned, handmade, great smelling and great tasting cup of caffé.
No milk,no sugar.


After that i opend the windows, went to the shower building and got dressed. Than took the bike and went to the village to buy fresh bread.
Back in the caravan took another caffé.
Mmmm, handmade caffé and fresh bread.
The best start of a new day.

Guest post by Marco

Caffé or Caffé


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  • 26/10/2009 la 6:47 PM
    Legătură permanentă

    Life it’s so wonderful when you can fully enjoy a late morning, with your very own best made coffe. Thanks for the memories 😉


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