Turkey, at the edge of the islamic world, and at the edge of being a member of the European Union.
A big dilemma with “Atatürk” in the middle of a mixt-up culture.

Guest post by Marco

On the second day of the WBF, Iyli had an interview with Erkan Saka, the delegat from Turkey.
Erkan Saka is lecturar at the Public Relations Department in Istanbul and has a dgree in Anthropology, specialized in Turkeys journalism and the membership of Turkey of the European-Union.
So that made this event for him the place to be.

First he gives his compliments to this well organized conference and explained how important it is to meet and discuss with the other participants about the use of the new media in his conservative country.

Comparing with the most other countries in Europe we are still amateurs, but conferences like this will learn us the possibillities about the use of the new media in marketing / money-making / communication and
many other potencies by using the internet.


Introduction New Media in Turke


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