This year for the first time in 8 years, the Yucca in my study surprised me with a flower.
I have also yucca’s in my garden and they have flowers every summer.

Guest post by Marco

So i tried to find-out, and it seams that a yucca as houseplant has not realy the cyclus of the seasons like when they stay outside, summer and winter.
Also found-out that if you want flowers every season, it is best to put the yucca in the pot in the garden from may till september, and let the plant rest during autumn and winter in a room with no frost and with less water.


Anyway it is still exeptional that i had the flowers after 8 years without moving.
Maybe it’s because we had a cold winter last year, and the plant is placed in a cold corner of my study near the (cold) window.
So, maybe in 8 years i have again ? Who knows ?
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Flowering Yucca as Houseplant


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