Last week when i drove back home from a job in Belgium, bad weather and a lott of traffic.

today 1

So had time to phone Santa.
I made a stop in Rotterdam, to meet Santa.

Guest post by Marco

We met at the shopping centre ( people called it “Koopgoot”).
First we had a café, and we talk about the presents i need cz. this year i will have a lott of visiters with Christmas.
Not far from where we met is our favorit shop “De Bijenkorf”.

today 4

So i took the list we made and start.
And even when we had the list it was very difficult, but after two hours i had almost all from the list.
So we went back to the paking to get the car.

I asked Santa to come with me and he agree.

We made a stop to eat (chinees) and when we were back home we had a drink and talked about last year.
I offered him a bed, but he wanted to sleep in the garage.
The next morning he needed a lott of fresh air to wake up!

Santa - waking up

After breakfast he had to go ( had to arrange other presents) but he promissed me to come back for a drink at the fire/place.


So yesterday he came at my door and we had a nice evening.

The other morning found him with two empty bottles from the wine/cellar, and again he need a lott of fresh-air to get better.

Santa down and out

After a good breakfast and 4 café he was ok and before he went we made music in my study, and he looks ok.

Santa in my study

See you next time.

Meeting Santa


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