Every year again, even from childhood i remember, we had a Christmas tree.
So this year too i started last sunday to pick-up a tree to place it in the living.

Guest post by Marco

Put the tree on a small table, so there is place to put presents.
Started wil cutting a little from the top, cz. was just a few cm to high.
So after placing the guilder it just fits.
Then i put the lights in it.
Put the boxes with all kind of Chrismas stuf from the loft.
Pffffffff. always have to make choises about coloured balls and other stuf.


Ahhhhhhhhh, looks nice and cosy, specially in the dark and also a great smell in the room.
And there is Croco again, ofcourse he asked me to make a pic of him too (in the tree).
Now i’m thinking of a little tree also in the music/dining room.


Well, maybe the next weekend.
Anyway, i will place lots of candles too.

Christmas, The Most wonderful Time.

Christmas, the most wonderful time


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