After Iulia started her blog in Oktober 2008 she asked me in March 2009 to write an article, to put on her blog.
And since than i write a few articles.
The first article was about a football-game.
I also wrote alot about my garden, the grass, the flowers etc.etc.

Guest post by Marco

Food is also a favorite subject to write about.
And ofcourse i wrote some about Holland.
Anyway, now i think about it, i wrote a lott already in the last 7 month.

As you noticed (maybe) i wasn’t born with a pencil in my hand and sometimes it’s hard to write and to find the right words to express what i realy want to say.
The biggest problem i have with writing is the language.
I know nothing about the Romanian language, so i have to write in English. But my knowledge of english isnt big enought to express all i want to say cz. i think in Dutch, just like you think in Romanian on a basic of
Romanian culture.
Something that i try to learn- and understand, but that takes time.

Cz. i’m not a writer, i have problems to make a story (i mean fiction) and during the proces in the last 7 month i discovered that the best (in my opinion) stories are when i write from own experiënce and
And i believe that many readers like stories about daily- life and with real emotion.
And that they recognize the difference between real and fiction.
I also think that’s the main-defenition of a Blog.
To write and share personal thoughts and experiënces.
A Blog is not a paper !
When i choose to write such an article i don’t have to think about the words (it comes easy) and when i read it back i never have to correct it and i’m sure it’s understandable.

Reading back a few of the articles i wrote, i see that many times i refer to my father.
That just happends when i write about some subject that (just like i do every day) i remember something my father said or did in the context of the story.
Still wonder if it’s good to share these feelings on the blog, but till now it feels good, and when i read-back the stories i feel emotion.

So, my conclusion after 7 month “questwriter” is that i learned to think more about how to write what i want to tell.
And that i have deep respect for everyone who keeps a blog going on cz. it takes alot of time and energy.
Anyway, all together reasons enought to go on with it.
And if you want something special from Holland or when you have a subject, write iYli and she will take care of it.

We need more comment, cz. your comment will make it the best !

The Dilemma’s and Pleasure of a Guest Writer


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2 thoughts on “The Dilemma’s and Pleasure of a Guest Writer

  • 14/01/2010 at 1:37 PM

    it’s the first post by marco that i read…i understand and write a little bit in english ( with mistakes of course )…and it is diferent to read and write in english, because i have to think twice…and i don’t have a lot of time…
    i liked your post…i don’t have a lot of time to speed reading…
    so…but what i have read, i liked it…and hope reading more, very soon…
    p.s. what does “cz” means? because i can’t figure it out…


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