Forgot to tell you about my adventure with the taxi to Silver Church last night.
First i must tell you that i never saw so many taxi’s in the centre.

Guest post by Marco

On every square (and there are many) i saw many taxi’s waiting for cliënts.
And many people use the taxi.

I can imagine because of two main reasons.
1.because the traffic in the centre is a big mess
2.because it is realy cheep.

Most of the taxi’s are small ( Dacia Logan) but i think is a cheep (at least for me), safe and fast way to go from A to B, especially as a tourist.

Anyway, this time i ordered a taxi by phone to bring me to the Silver Church.
In 10 min. the taxi arrived, and than the problem starts.

The driver didn’t know were to go, so i had to explane him pffffffffff he spoke as much english as i speack Romanian.
After hand- and footwork with no result, i had the idea to show him the ticket, and yesssssss, the name and the address of the club was on it. Pfffff

So when i show it to him he looked at me if was coming streight from Mars, and i think he thought “why you didin’t say that before” hahaha.

Anyway in less than 2 min. we were at Calea Plevnei.I m the best! 😀

On the way it was a one-way conversation cz. i understood nothing.
I think he told me some about the history of Bucharest.

Anyway, that 2 min. looks like an hour to me.
After we arrived i said multumesc si buna-seara.
And than he gave me his best smile, shook his headand went back in his yellow vehicle.

Bucharest Taxi


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2 thoughts on “Bucharest Taxi

  • 18/02/2010 at 11:48 PM

    I think that the taxi driver was very mad on you and send to you his best regard :)) because from kogalniceanu street is only 2 streets away from Plevnei :)) …. Is ok that u don’t understand romanian in that way u can’t be mad on people when the are swearing u…


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