Poate randurile scrise de Marco mai jos te vor scoate din dileme feministe, dincolo de frigiditate si de tineretea fara batranete.
In caz ca te-ai intrebat de ce stai singura si nu bate nici un vant la poarta ta, incepi sa-ti faci calculele plecand de la studiul specialistilor australieni.
Hai, bafta si sa va iubiti mult! 😀

This time i will share a striking subject with you and need your opinion about it.
It’s about an examination by the university of Australia and the thesis that the power of attraction
of women has something to do with her immune-system.

The students discovered that the looks and the sweat of a woman contains indications about her immune-system.
The scientists examined the DNA from 150 students and intervieuwed them.

One of the questions was about their love-life.
And they discovered that women who were genetic high protected against diseases had more boyfriends.

Especially women with a strong variant of MHC gen.(major histocompatibility) had the most sexual partners.
The MHC gen is reponsible for the structure of the immune-system.

If and how men can see (smell ?) that women are well protected against diseases, is unknown.
Ironically played the genetic structure of the defence of men absolutely no role in their attraction to women.

I wonder if you agree with me that this again is a prove that majot discoveries are often made by chance, and only much later that the results are applicable.

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