Last night our Gouvernement (Holland) ended after a week of fights , discussions and misstrust.

Guest post by Marco

Mainreason of the end of the gouvernement is our mission (Military) in Afghanistan.
As an ally of the VAVO we have about 2500 man there to controll an area in the province of Uruzgan.
We start that mission on 1 august 2006.

When our gouvernement was formed (after the elections in 2007) it was already a big issue.
As you know we have many politic-parties in Holland, so it’s in principe impossible to have a majority as one party.

So our gouvernement was formed from two big parties PvdA and CDA and one small partie CU.
Together they have a majority.
That means a coalitie.
Our president isn’t choosen but in principe hé comes from the biggest partie of the coalition, CDA.
And that is Mr. Balkenende.

Anyway part of the deal when the coalitie was formed, was that we ended the mission in Afganistan from 1 august 2010.
Anyway as President mr. Balkenende received a request from NAVO to continue the mission.
And from that moment it looks like he wasn’t speaking as our gouvernement and ‘wasn’t straight.
That means he didn’t say no. but a kind of yes with alot of if’s.

From that moment the fight in gouvernement and the discussions in the 2e chamber from all the opposition-parties started.
And finally ended at 04.00 in the middle of the night after 16 hours of discussion.

So from tomorrow will start discussions with the leaders of the big parties, our president and our Queen (she have to come back from vacation).

It’s a big problem cz. we already are in a big crise (economical) and we need a strong gouvernement that can decide.
It looks like the gouvernement will go on demissionair till we have new elections to form a new gouvernement.
Anyway that will take at least 3 month.
That means that i this time of crise we do nothing cz. a demisionair gouvernement isn’t alowed to make important decisions.

Cunning and Deceit about Urguzan exploded the Dutch Gouvernement


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