Tonight at the Olympic-Oval 15.00 local time ( that meand 01.00 here in Holland) is 9 hours later here, the 1500 mtr. speed skating for men started.

Guest post by Marco

So i installed myself in a lazy chair, close to the fire-place and in front of the TV screen and a glas of wine next to me on the table, to see how we (the Dutch) will do.

To be honest i don’t think we will win Gold, but i hope to get Bronze.
I write this after 10 races ( so we are halve-way) and now they clean and prepare the ice for the next 10 races, so that gives me time to write.

At he moment Kuypers (one of us) we have 4 in this competition,is at first place
So, i have still hope.

Will take about one hour more to finish all, so you have to wait to have the complete article. Hahaha

Yesssssssssssssssssssss !!!
In the second part of the program, after preparing the ice, we did it again
The second Gold this time at 1500 mtr.


1e – Tuitert Holland
2e – Bokko Norway
3e – Skbrev Russia

Was an exiting night so far. Hope you understand now the paralism.
Will finish the best wine now. The number 1 !!

The paralism between Skating and Wine


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