Today i read about the latest touristattraction in the city of Rotterdam.
Starting from 13 March, you can make a sightseeing by Amfiebus.

Guest post by Marco

amfibiebus Rotterdam 1

What is an Amfiebus ?
Well is just an ordinary bus, but………………….
This bus can also go in the water.
And that’s very welcome in Rotterdam, because the town is cut in two by the famous and important river “The Maas”

Of course there are bridges, tunnels and ferrys but we never had a bus that could swimm across the river.

Anyway, you can make a reservation for a trip of 75 minutes.
Cost you €.17,50

On the bus is a guide that will give you all the information.

So, halve way the tour the real adventure starts, must be exciting when you go just from the road into the river.
But than you can enjoy the great view of the Rotterdam skyline from the water.

So, i promised myself to do that trip too ( next month) and of course i will tell you all about it and will make great pics.
Till than you can watch already to see the amfibus during tests.
On the way to the most splashing way to see Rotterdam.

Sightseeing Adventure in Rotterdam


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