As soon as the snowclocks come out of the cold ground, it is the moment that i realize spring is almost there.

I like spring very much, the start of a new cyclus, fresh, green, fragile in the begin and exubirant on their way to summer.

Guest post by Marco

This season gives alot of work in the garden, but it is such a pleasure.

For me it means alot, the feeling to be part of all this, and that if i take good care, my effort
will be rewarded.

Rewarded with a garden that gives me a place to settle-down after a hard day work.
A place to relax, the smell of fresh mowed grass.
The smell of the garden when the first raindrops fall after a hot sunny day.

Today was a perfect day to ferlilize the grass, cloudy and a little rain in the afternoon.
Also cleaned the pots to put at the terrasse, next week i will buy flowers to put in.
I made a round in the garden to look for blossoms, but because of the long winter we had, the blossoms are a little behind.
Just one appletree begins to show a little of his pink blossom.

Anyway, i think i two weeks they will be there all, in white and pink.
So spring goes on to comfort me.

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