Will show you how to make the best Brocolli-Soup you ever tasted.

First start with what we need:
• a small brocolli ca. 250-300 gr.
• little piece of butter ca. 20 gr.
• a small onion (red)
• 2 spoons flour
• ½ ltr boullion (from tablet)
• 1 lemmon
• bacilicum
• 1 bay leaf
• salt/ pepper
• and if you like a spoon cremefrais, or just a little cream.

135-3551_IMG ingredi+¬nts

Anyway, first you need to clean the brocolli and put it under water for one hour.
Add the juice of the lemmon into the water.

135-3552_IMG cold water with lemmonjuice

Than cut the brocolli in little pieces.

135-3558_IMG the cut brocolli

Cut the onion in little pieces.

135-3557_IMG onion and basilicum

Heet the butter and put the onion in it, close the pan and let it steam for 3 minutes.

135-3560_IMG onions in butter

Than put the brocolli in it with salt and pepper and let it steam on a low fire for another 8 minutes.
After that put the flour on it and mix all together for about 3 minutes.
Than put the boullion in it with a little bacilicum and the bay-leaf and let it cook slowly for 30 minutes.
Than use a sieve or a mixer to make it smooth.
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Serve it hot and put a little bacilicum and brocolli on it.
Btw, i like it with a little cremefrais.

135-3586_IMG bon apetite

Bon apetit! 🙂

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The best Brocolli-Soup you ever tasted


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