Human nature cannot be predicted. We think that we know somebody, that means that we know more about feelings, and expectations.
We think that we know this at least about people who are close to us, we realy ?

If that was true, why we often feel bad ?
What we realy want and expect ?
What about misunderstandings ?
How strong can friendship be ?

Why all these questions ?
Isn’t just a friend the person we think to know alot about?
But sometimes these ideas are changing,
so, why this happends and why it gives us a bad feeling ?
Do we have to wait what a friend will tell or share ?
Not to show interest ?

I’m not sure if people can change at all !
But their behaviour and acting can be so unexpected, that it feels as if they have changed.

We are always looking for explanations, but why ?
Would it be better not to be tempt by the thoughts of otherones sorrows and just think that our own happyness comes in the first place ?
Isn’t our personal happyness and conviction the best foundation to give happyness ?


Search for that, what is in your heart and soul, your reason can help, but isn’t always the truth.
Our truth will be prejudiced by vicinity and other thoughts.
But, our hearts and souls are independent of these and finaly will show us the right way.

The moral of this is, that we must accept that people, including friends, can react different and unexpected from what we had in mind.
And hurt eachothers, like only friends can do.
But we must believe in the good reasons, and never on purpose.
So no need for judging or bad feelings.

We all are unique , and noone want to hurt a friend.
Give space, keep silence when you feel is best.
So understanding, acceptation and implicit believe in eachother is the key.
It’s important to give it a second thought, to make things more understandable.
Cz. friendship is based on trust. And trust isn’t a mathematic-prove.

Friendship, a special way of love.


Ce este prietenia


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