Queensday 2010 in Holland. part I

After the rain at her visit to Wemeldinge, it was dry in Middelburg.
So now she had her hands free (no umbrella) to shake hands.
There were a lott of demonstrations, and her children and grandchildren (8) had a lott of fun.
Btw in Wemeldinge out prince Alexander was the only one without an umbrella hahaha.

At the end of her visit Queen Beatrix made a short speech, to thank all who organize, and refer at the tragedy of last year.
But she was proud of what Zeeland did for here and her family.
Her conclusion was that Zeeland gave Queensday back to all of us.

After the rain stops i went back in the centre to see what happend with all the chidren at the freemarket.
Anyway many of them came back and tried again.
There was also alot of music and other entertainment, and i’m sure that when the sun will stay, all the terrasses will be full.

Tonight there will be a lott of live music in many places, and if the weather stays like it is now, there is a big chance that i’ll go out again.

Queensday 2010 in Holland. part II


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