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Finally, after many many selections, from more than 16000 people the best 12 in 4 categories started in the live-shows.
And tonight all begins.
In every show one of the performers will send back home.

After every performence the jury comment, and at the end of the show viewers can vote by phone for their favorite.

Of course i have my favorite too, and if you read my other comments you can quess.
Yes it’s still Dony, he has such a great voice!
I have two other favorites (as you remeber that finally 3 will go to the big finale).
I think that the “bad boys” (2 young boys) and Sarina have a big chance to make it to the finale.
But tonight i was also surprised about the performence of Janna and Jaap.

About who will send home tonight we have to wait halve an hour, when the voting by phone closed.
But, i think that will be 4-granted ( 4 boys) or Maaike (a very young girl).
Anyway will see.


Pfff. they made the procedure more exiting.
The 3 with less votes from phone have to do their song again, and just 1 will go on to the next show.
These 3 are: Fierce, Janna and Daniële.
Anyway for me a big surprise, cz i realy think that these 3 are not that bad.
But…….these are the rules.
And finally Daniëlle is choosen by the jury and she goes on to the show of next week.

So next week we have 10 left, and these 10 are: Daniëlle, Bad boys, Jaap, Sumera, Dony, Maaike, 4-granted (only cz, they are 4 young good looking boys), Mathijs, Sarina, Kelvin.

Ok, till next time 😉

X-Factor V – 09-04-2010


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