On 23 and 30 april the 3e and 4e liveshow took place.

So, on 23e we started with nine competitors.
They all made one performence, and this time it’s also important to make it a show, to use ballet and to use the whole stage.

This show was realy on high level. And it’s difficult to choose.
Anyway i still think that the level of the group (Bad Boys) was below everage of this evening.
But as i already told you, that’s not the only criterion.

The procedure during these liveshows is as follows:
During the show the people can vote by phone or sms and the 2 with less votes have to do their performence
again. And than the jury finally decide who will stay.

Anyway after this show Kelvin and Daniëlle had to do their performence again, and they made it the show of their life if they did it like this in the first preformence i think they were not in this position.
Anyway it was very hard to the jury who to send home, after an emotional motivation the jury finally decide that Kelvin may go on to the next live-show.
So exit for Daniëlle and 8 left.

The live show on 30 april was again of a very high level and the theme of this show was (Dutch music).
Jus like last week (bad-boys and maaike) made the less best performence, but they are young and populair at
the people who vote ( most are young).
So again the jury wasn’t happy and surprised that two of the best ( Kevin and Sarina) had to make a resit.
So finally, and with tears the jury decide to send Sarina home.

Anyway, one thing they learned from this Showbizz is Hard.!!

More after the next show.
Bye Bye. 🙂

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