Not understand what to do with your own feelings.
Is it fair to deny this ?

Why do you question yourself ? Why you do this ?
Still hope the good times will come ?
A dream come true ?
Or are you just a stupid.

Thoughts go up and down, black / white.
Not listen the voice inside, that tells you to stop, to accept the way it goes.

Wasn’t fair of God, let us born in such different worlds…

Be happy.
I can live with that.

Love from a distance.

When i see you smile
My pain goes away
My heart is filled with joy
The rest of the day

When you speak to me
I know not what to say
My mind all goes blank
All i can get out is “hey”

To hang out with you
Would be my heart’s desire
It would light up my spirits
Like gas on a fire

But i can’t show my love
Can’t show you the truth
Can’t explain how l’ev felt
Ever since my youth

Cus you love another
That i see clearly
Another cares for you
Like i do, so dearly

So i sit and i wait
To see you again
I wait just to hear
How your day’s been

I’d love to tell you
That i’ll admit
But a simple conversation
Is as close as i get.

Be Happy
I can live with that

The poem is written by Jordan Weidenhaft.

Long distance love


One thought on “Long distance love

  • 15/05/2010 at 11:55 AM

    Feel emotions reading it back while listen that great song.


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